Children and asthma

Over 1.1 million children have asthma in the UK. Children with asthma can take control of their symptoms and continue to lead a full and active life.

The treatments available to children are the same as those available to adults; however, the dose may vary depending on the age of the child.


Children at school:
If your child has asthma it is important that the school is aware and knows what to do if your child has as asthma attack.

  • Tell the school if your child has asthma
  • Inform the school about the medicines your child is taking for their asthma
  • Ensure the inhaler that your child takes to school is labelled with their name
  • Provide the school with a spare reliever inhaler labelled with your child’s name
  • Ensure the school has up to date written information about your child’s asthma medicines, and the dose they take. You should also include information about your child’s individual triggers and signs of an asthma attack